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The Life and Rhymes of Archy and Mehitabel

Performance on the 21st November 2020
(Bookings close at 2pm the day before the performance.)

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Fred and Ginger. Laurel and Hardy. Marks and Spencer. And now… Archy and Mehitabel.

Theatre Nation have adapted Don Marquis’ delightfully humorous & satirical verses into a one-hour one-person show.  In the 1920’s, writer Don Marquis invented Archy the cockroach and his sometimes muse, Mehitabel the cat – ‘I was Cleopatra once’. Both are convinced they’ve lived previous lives. Once a ‘free verse poet’, Archy is now trapped inside the body of a cockroach. He inhabits Boss’ apartment, discovers a typewriter and sets about recording  his private memoirs for posterity. In this characterful, physically dynamic one-person show. Entertainment with satirical claws and bite.

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