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AUDITIONS: ‘Treasure Island’

Performance Dates (9): Tuesday 17th to Saturday 21st (inc. Mat & Friday 27th to Saturday 28th (inc. Matinee)

Auditions: Sunday 23 June at 2.30pm

Rehearsals: From September 2019

This is a re-imagined version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island – so it is at once the story and characters everyone remembers from childhood and something completely different.  This is an epic dark comedy adventure, moving from laughs to chills in a second, as Jim (Jemima) Hawkins gets drawn into the search for buried treasure.  She finds herself fighting storms at sea, betrayal, evil swamps and, of course, deadly pirates led by the charming Long John Silver…

There’s an ensemble cast of memorable characters, from the pompous Squire Trelawney, who couldn’t keep a secret if his life depended on it (and it might!), to the quick witted and fearless Dr Livesey the local Doctor – as quick with knife as she is with a cutting comment.  Silent Sue – who doesn’t speak, but we always know what she’s thinking, and Lucky Mickey, a foul smelling cowherd who thinks she is wonderful.  There’s murder, there’s mayhem, there’s music, and of course (at least for some) a happy ending…

There will be a longer than usual rehearsal period, as the physicality of the play will need to be carefully choreographed – from large scale fights, to working the rigging on the ship, and working with the parrot!

All characters except Dr Livesey, Squire Trelawney and Captain Smollett will have regional, country accents of one type or strength or another.   All playing ages are approximate and some roles can be male or female.  There are excellent roles for men and women (including pirates!) and every role is vital to the story and the centre of attention at some point.  There are no irrelevant parts at all.

These are the audition pieces for specific roles.  Page references refer to the Samuel French Acting Edition of the play.  That said, we will be incorporating some lines from the Faber and Faber version which is slightly more detailed.  Scripts are available from the Stables.

If you would like any additional information, please just let me know.

Mike Poole – Director
07774 949532


Jim Hawkins

16 – 18, a  teenage girl who dresses as a boy.  Resolute and resourceful, full of the joy of life, becomes fierce and more mature as the adventure unfolds.  The actor could be in her 20’s as long as she is believable.

Page 1:  From, Jim: “Men Various” to Page 4 “…now lives in my nightmares.” + Bones and Grandma

Page 5: From Grandma: “Jim, Folks is thirsty.” To Page 7: Bones: “More Grog!!!”  + Grandma, Bones, Squire, Doctor

Grandma Hawkins

50– 80, Jim’s only family.  A “spectacularly old” woman – but strong as an ox.  Runs the Inn.

Dr Livesey

30 – 50, black Cove’s “First Most Frightening Fellow”, according to Jim.  Brisk, unsentimental, strong minded and a dab hand with a surgeon’s saw.  Logical, tough as nails and not easily scared.

Page 26, From, Jim: “This is not Bones chest at all”. To Page29: Livsey: “ Will any treasure amount to more than home and happiness?”. + Jim, Squire, Grandma

Silent Sue

25 – 45, never speaks.  Just gestures and is translated by Red Ruth.  Needs good physical actor & comic timing – able to show emotions from happiness to tragedy.

            Miming her order for a drink which is interpreted by Red Ruth. +Red Ruth

Red Ruth

25 – 50, farm worker, endlessly looking for food.   Best friend of Silent Sue – but not the sharpest tool in the box.  Comedic role. Terrified by the pirates.

Mrs Crossley

40+, owner of pampered chickens, regular churchgoer and even more regular drinker at the Admiral Benbow. Has a chicken in her handbag – like you do…

Israel Hands

25 – 45, pirates’ Second in Command.  Superb sailor, except for perpetual clumsiness.  Constantly swearing at people but in Spanish, which no-one else speaks.

Page 92: from, Jim: “The strong tide has sapped my strength”.  To Page 93: Jim: “Find your route”. + Jim

Joan the Goat

30 – 50, strongest pirate.  Has a metal plate nailed to her skull – with which she head butts people, doors and anything in her way.  Also rather mad…

            See audition speech for Squire Trelawney

Shanty Singer

Any age, can be a man or a woman, leads the singing between acts – can also be another part during rest of show.


Squire Trelawney

25 – 60+, Lord of the Manor.  Kindly, but first class blabbermouth and self-important imbecile.  Loves the sound of his own voice.  Knows very little but endlessly opinionated. Gets people killed…

Page 35, from Squire:  “Hiring a Crew.”  To Page 39, Silver:  “Couldn’t have said it better meself, Bird!”  + Pirates: Silver , Killigrew, Dick the Dandy, Joan the Goat, Israel Hands, Black Dog, George Badger, Grey, Captain Flint.

Captain Smollett

30+, professional sea captain.  The only qualified person signed by the Squire to lead the crew. Endlessly in a rage with the Squire and Israel Hands.

Lucky Mickey

25+, convinced the horrible things that happen to him are signs of good luck – he is friendly and weak – and wrong about the good luck.  Really fancies Silent Sue.

Job Anderson

20+, quiet, steady bloke, farm hand, ruled with a rod of iron by his (unseen) wife – but a likeable man of strong principles and integrity.

Ben Gunn

18 – 25, Long John Silver’s previous cabin boy, abandoned for years on the desert island.  Talks fast and disconnectedly to himself, but an intelligent lad of some inner strength, entirely reformed, and rather mad…

Page 71, Ben Gunn: “Aaargghhh!!”.  To Page 73: Ben Gunn “My first day on this mad making island!!!  Ip! Ip! Ip!”.


25+, well-meaning man, hired by the Squire.  Sadly he is entirely forgettable.  People continually forget he is on board and even who he is.  Excellent comic role, needing great timing and delivery.  Will get a lot of laughs.

            See audition speech for Squire Trelawney and Long John Silver

Bill Bones

25 – 45, frightening former second in command of the pirates, before running off with the treasure map. Now hated, despised and pursued by his friends, and rather mad.  The pressure is getting to him, as are imaginary ghosts of murdered shipmates.

     Page 1 to Page 4 – see Jim Hawkins audition piece.

Long John Silver

25 – 45, looks after Jim at sea. As charming, smooth and kind a one–legged  man as ever was – until he isn’t. Has a prosthetic leg. Pirate leader & a silver tongued sociopath; prepared to drown, stab or shoot anyone, to get one step nearer to the treasure.

            Page 35 – 39 – see Squire Trelawney audition piece

            Page 78, Silver: “What happened here?”. To Page 80, Silver: “Right response!! + Pirates: Badger, Joan, Captain Flint, Black Dog, Lucky Mickey, Killigrew, Dick,

Black Dog

25+, brawler and enforcer for the pirates – has a big fight with Bill Bones.

            See audition speeches for Squire Trelawney and Long John Silver

Blind Pew

40+, tall, creepy blind pirate – terrifies Jim.  A sinister but humorous role.

Page 17, Blind Pew: “Will any kind friend inform a blind man where or in what part of this country he may be?”.  To Page 18, Pew “And now, that’s done.” + Jim, Bones, Grandma

Dick the Dandy

20+, master of knives. Cold blooded killer, but very concerned not to get blood on his fancy clothes. Very knowledgeable about fabrics.

          See audition speeches for Squire Trelawney and Long John Silver

Killgrew the Kind

30+, strangler. Big pirate and another cold blooded killer, also catches and kills animals for food and fun. A bit slow.

            See audition speeches for Squire Trelawney and Long John Silver

George Badger

25+, permanently out of sorts, disgruntled, complaining pirate, thinks he should be captain.  This is something dangerous to think around Long John Silver…

            See audition speeches for Squire Trelawney and Long John Silver

Captain Flint

 Age any, parrot.  Two faced, feathered, false friend.  Voice needed and 2 puppet controllers…

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