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‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’

Christmas Production

Adapted for the stage by David Wood

From the book by Philippa Pearce

Directed by Niall Whitehead and Barbara Ward

  • Audition: Sunday 25 th June 2-5pm
  • Playing: 15 th -23 rd December 2017 (2 matinees 16 + 17 December / no Monday performance)
  • This is a brilliant time travelling fantasy and a haunting adaptation of a classic novel which promises to be an unforgettable Christmas production. The story of two lonely children who become friends across time, the play takes place in the 1950s and 1880s/90s. At midnight Tom goes back to the Victorian age to meet Hatty at various points in her life. There are a range of really brilliant parts for all ages.
  • We are looking to create a cast of high quality actors able to play a range of ages.
  • Directors’ former projects for the Stables include: 1066 Three Kings, The Railway Children, Of Mice and Men, What The Butler Saw.
  • Rehearsals will take place 2 times per week / 3 closer to the show (to be agreed).


  • (8M/5F) * Potential Doubling
  • We will also need a strong ensemble group.
  • Please note that all actors for the younger parts will need to be played by older teens (over 16 only).


Tom (playing age 10-15) – adventurous and lonely boy moves between 1950s and 1880s/90s

We are hoping to cast a strong young actor (16+) to play the main role of Tom. This is a great opportunity to play a younger character who should be able to demonstrate a strong relationship with the lead female character (Hatty). The actor playing this role must be strong enough to hold the audience and help create the magical quality of the play.

Mrs Bartholomew (60s/70s) – eccentric landlady of Uncle Alan and Aunt Gwen

Uncle Alan (30s/40s) – Tom’s Uncle (affable and witty)

Aunt Gwen (30s/40s) – Tom’s Aunt (strong and supportive)

Peter (playing age 8) – Tom’s brother (story teller)


Hatty (9-19) – lonely but adventurous orphan who meets Tom

Aunt Grace (30s/40s) – Hatty’s Aunt (austere and controlling)

Susan (any age) – maid (independent and self-assured)

Abel – (any age) gardener (suspicious but kind)

James (12-22) – Hatty’s cousin (understanding and supportive)

Edgar (11-21) – Hatty’s cousin (bully)

Hubert (14-24) – Hatty’s cousin (selfish)

Barty (21) – Hatty’s boyfriend 1890s (romantic and supportive)

Ely Cathedral Guide 1890s

The Angel (Tom’s Nightmare)

Skaters, Sightseers, Voices of House

Audition Information

  • Scripts available from the box office.
  • The following scenes can be studied prior to audition but this is not essential. Please be prepared to read for more than one role:

Potential Doubling:


Aunt Gwen/Susan

Uncle Alan/Abel


Mrs Bartholomew

Aunt Grace


James/Ely Cathedral Tower guide


Female Characters


Mrs Bartholomew (Act 2, sc 9 p.53 / Act 2, sc 11 p.54)

Aunt Gwen (Act 1, sc 2 p.2 / Act 1, sc 7 p.13)


Hatty (Act 1, sc 8, p.17)

Aunt Grace (Act 2, sc 2 p.34/35)

Susan (Act 2, sc 3 p.37)

Male Characters


Tom (Act 1, scene 12 p 27-29)

Uncle Alan (Act 1, sc 2 p.2 / Act 1, sc 7 p.13)

Peter (Act 2, sc 1 p.33/34)


Able (Act 1, sc 13, p.30/31)

James (Act 2, sc 2 p.34/35)

Edgar (Act 1, sc 8 p.18)

Hubert (Act 1, sc 8 p.15/16)

Barty (Act 2, sc 8 p.50/51)

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