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To Eritrea And Ethiopia – Retracing A Victorian Expedition

An eye-opening evening is in store when John tells the story of his latest trip. Starting on the Red Sea, he followed in the footsteps of an almost forgotten Victorian expedition into the Horn of Africa. In his third appearance at the Stables, he promises an exciting story with some surprising twists.

In 1868 Queen Victoria’s government mounted an extraordinary bid to rescue a dozen European hostages in the Ethiopian highlands. A purpose-built port and railway on the Red Sea, and in the mountains 13,000 British and Indian soldiers, 26,000 camp followers, and more than 40,000 animals including 44 elephants.

John has followed their route, partly on foot with a donkey, and has been comparing Eritrea and Ethiopia then and now. He found today’s people spirited and energetic, living in dramatic and extremely challenging lands.

It was history and adventure combined!

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