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The Tweetings Of A Middle Aged Bird

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Who is Nikki Gerrard?

Why is she here?

Why are you here?

These and other such questions may well be answered in the tweetings of a middle aged bird.

On Sunday February 27th 2022, middle aged, menopausal, musical theatre star Nikki Gerrard, will take you on an adventure through life as she sees it, with songs that you’ll know and some you’ll want to know.

So now we know why you will be here, who is Nikki Gerrard I hear you ask?

Nikki is a musical theatre performer who has starred in West End shows such as Billy Elliot, Calendar Girls, Scrooge & Dr Dolittle to name but a few. She is also a talented vocal coach and co-founder of West End Wedding Singers.

Now that the important questions have been answered, Nikki looks forward to taking you on a musical journey exploring other such questions of life, the lessons we learn, our dreams and the mistakes we make.



My Mum says “It’s fantastic…” 5 Stars

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