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Gong Bath

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Gong Bath with Gong Vibrations.

Join Karen of Gong Vibrations on this experience in sound using a range of gongs to relax too.

In this experience, you will feel the vibrations of six gongs which resonate with your body to help you relax, rebalance and Rejuvenate

You have the choice of sitting in the auditorium you might want to get cosy so bring a blanket and a pillow.

Limited tickets are available for laying on the stage with the gongs you will need to bring something comfortable to lay on as well as blanket and cushion.


Please note, Gong meditations  are not recommended for people with the following:

Anyone with recent metal implants.
The first trimester of pregnancy.


A gong bath involves no water nor is it a performance piece, it is an hour of deeply relaxing sounds using predominantly gongs and this will wash over you like a bath.

The stresses and strains of everyday life can knock our perfect vibrations off balance, the gong with its many under and overtones can rebalance and restore our whole system back into balance.

The sound resonates with our brain waves and can induce deep relaxation or a deep meditational state where our bodies can refresh, renew and reset even down to the cellular level. The vibrational sound from the gong travels at 740 miles an hour and becomes a wall of sound that resonates with our body.

We and all living things have a vibration resonance and sound can affect this. Think of a film with a suspenseful scene, the music sends us onto the edge of the seat, whereas a romantic scene has very different music to set the mood. Sound can bring back memoirs from deep in our past and that affects our mood in different ways.

Since the very beginning of humans on this planet, sound has been key to our wellbeing with the stone age people making sounds with rocks and stalactites and stalagmites. Through the years different sounds and instruments have been used in traditional ceremonies and music making all over the world.

Now modern medicine is using sound in many ways from ultrasound images and treatments to sound being used to break up kidney/gall bladder stones and even being trailed.

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