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Audition Notice – Home I’m Darling

Sunday 2nd April 2023 

By Laura Wade.

Directed by Aisling Tigwell

Playing dates: 14th-22nd July 2023.  

When Judy sets out to become the perfect 1950s housewife, the Martins are living the dream. Johnny has a beautiful wife, a beautiful home, and a promotion on the horizon. Judy is revelling in the joys of domesticity; making cakes, cocktails, and homemade marmalade. But cracks are starting to appear in this beautiful façade which threatens their domestic bliss.


Judy- Lead role in her late thirties (Playing age 35-45) 

Is the central character of the play and she is one stage for the duration of the show. This is a wonderful role with full on 1950s retro feel.  Judy is trying desperately throughout the play to keep together the façade she has built of being the perfect 1950s housewife. For this role, the actress needs to be prepared to dance Jive and there is an intimate scene with the actor playing Johnny. This will be rehearsed sensitively so that both actors are comfortable with this. I have no fixed ideas for the character and would like to see the actress’ interpretation at audition. 

Johnny- Main Role (Playing Age 35-45) 

Judy’s husband who initially seems supportive of his wife’s choice to live as a 1950s housewife and to live with the 1950s façade. He too has adopted the fifties lifestyle and clothing. The actor must be prepared to do an intimate scene with the actress playing Judy this will be rehearsed sensitively so that both actors feel comfortable. 

Fran- Medium Role (Playing age 25-40) 

Judy’s good friend and recently married to Marcus. She is interested in Judy’s lifestyle and appears to admire hers and Johnny’s perfect relationship. She attends Jive weekends with Judy, Johnny and Marcus. 

Sylvia – Medium Role (Playing Age 65+) 

Judy mother she is horrified by Judy’s choice to become a housewife having bought Judy up in a commune  and to be a feminist. She has two brilliant scenes including a fabulous scene stealing monologue. 

Alex –  Small Role (playing age late 20s to 30s) 

Johnny’s boss at the estate agency firm. She wears modern dress. She is seen as somewhat opposite to Judy in both her appearance and attitudes. 

Marcus – Small but important role (Playing age 30/40s) 

Fran’s husband and friends with Johnny and Judy. He dances Jive with Judy. Marcus is an interesting role who has some controversial views. He is probably the least sympathetic character. 



I plan to call specific characters at specific times so that those auditioning do not have to wait for extended periods.  If you are auditioning for the role of Judy you may be required to stay until the end to audition with different characters. I have tried to put the focus scenes for Judy in bold for those who like to prepare ahead of the audition. You are welcome to audition for more than one role the timings below are approximate depending on how many audition for each role I plan to call the characters at the following times: 


Character  Audition Pieces  Timing 
Judy Pages 3- 5 from Johnny’s line ‘Are you happy darling’ to end of scene.  Pages 68 – 73 From Johnny’s line ‘Could we ever afford this to Judy’s line ‘You’re the one who’s saying its broken’

(These are the focus scenes for audition)

8-12, 78-84, 87-90,  93-96

You may be asked to read these scenes

Focus pieces 1-2pm

Will be called to read in other times

Johnny Pages 3- 5 from Johnny’s line ‘Are you happy darling’ to end of scene.  Pages 68 – 73 From Johnny’s line ‘Could we ever afford this to Judy’s line ‘You’re the one who’s saying its broken’
  1. 2pm
Marcus Page 93 -96 from Judy’s line ‘Maybe it’s a romantic idea..’ to the end of the scene.
  1. 2:30pm
Fran 8- 12 from Fran’s line at the top of the page to ‘OK – Sorry’ 78- 84 from Fran’s entrance until the end of Sylvia’s speech. 2:30 – 3:30
  1. from Fran’s entrance until the end of Sylvia’s speech
2:30 – 3:30
Alex 87-90 from Alex’s first line ‘Where are you going?’ 3:30- 4pm


If you have any questions or cannot make the audition date then please do contact me either via Email on or via social media I am on Facebook as Aisling Tigwell or Instagram as @aistig. I would like to encourage those of any background to audition I have no specific ideas around what the characters will be. 

Please note: If cast in the role of Judy it would be helpful if you could be available for the evening of Saturday 20th May as there will be an evening showcase of the work of the hair and beauty team of Hastings College.

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