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Audition Notice – The Unexpected Guest

by Agatha Christie

A play in 2 Acts; Directed by Lisa Hurley

AUDITIONS: September 1st & 2nd. 7pm, Stables Theatre

Callbacks TBC

SHOW DATES: December 13th – 21st 2024


Lost in the fog, a stranger seeks refuge in a nearby house only to find a man shot dead and his wife standing over him with a smoking gun. But the woman’s dazed confession is anything but convincing and the unexpected guest decides to help. Remarkably, the police clues point to a man who died two years previously but as the ghosts of a past wrong begin to emerge, a tangled web of lies reveals family secrets and chilling motives, where the real murderer turns out to be the greatest mystery of all.

This is a classic Agatha Christie mystery, full of great characters and plot twists and turns, to keep the audience guessing until the last moment.

I intend to update this production a little to the 1970s, so think TVs ‘Ashes to Ashes’ meets Agatha Christie, with a little Abigail’s Party thrown in. So I’m looking for the production to be a tense, occasionallyeven thrilling ride, but with humorous moments to enjoy along the way.

My directing style is open, inclusive and hands on and it is my desire to produce a high-end production that will leave the audience gasping with delight. I am looking for actors who enjoy getting their teeth into the characters and working hard in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

I have directed & acted many times at the South London Theatre and acted at Stables, but it will be my first time directing here, so I look forward to collaborating on an exciting and evocative production here at the Stables Theatre.

I intend this production to have particularly exciting lighting and sound design and would welcome anyone who seeks to think outside the box creatively in these areas.

If you have an interest in getting involved backstage in the production, or if you have any questions or queries about auditioning, please get in touch with me at the below email.


Laura Warwick: (mid 30s-late 40s) Laura is the beautiful and grieving wife of Richard Warwick. She is fragile and distraught following her husband’s death, but has an inner steel that emerges when up against it.

Michael Starkwedder: (mid 30s-50s) Michael is the unexpected guest who stumbles upon the Warwick residence on a foggy night. He is a charismatic, rugged and mysterious character who becomes entangled in the murder investigation – but has his own secrets to reveal.

Jan Warwick: (late teens-mid 20s) Jan is Richard Warwick’s younger brother. He is nervous, anxious, with quick eyes and an occasionally sly manner that can switch from sweetness to anger in a heartbeat.  He has what we would now term severe learning difficulties.

Miss Bennett: (40s-50s) Miss Bennett is the loyal and dedicated housekeeper of the Warwick household. She is a no-nonsense ex-nurse, fiercely protective of Laura and helps look after Jan.

Julian Farrar: (30s-50s) Julian is a handsome local politician andLaura’s secret lover. He is charming, shrewd, intelligent, ambitious & ultimately weak in character.

Mrs. Warwick: (30s-50s) Mrs. Warwick is Richard Warwick’s motherwho lives with them. She is a grieving mother who is devastated by her son’s death, but also very protective of the family secrets.

Richard Warwick: (60+) Richard is the victim of the murder. Although deceased, his character is explored through the perspectives and memories of other characters.

Henry Angell: (30’s-50s) Henry is Richard Warwick’s valet/nurse-attendant. He is a shrewd and ambitious man with a secretive air.

Inspector Thomas: (40s-60s) Inspector Thomas is the senior police inspector who takes charge of the murder investigation. He is experienced, astute and sardonic.

Sergeant Cadwallader: (late 20s-30s) Sergeant Cadwallader is the investigating police officer assigned to Richard Warwick’s murder case. He is light-hearted and kind, but also diligent and determined to uncover the truth.

The part of Richard Warwick will be doubled up with either Sergeant Cadwallader or Inspector Thomas, depending on who is most suitable

All ages listed are merely a guide to character age.

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