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15th May 2022 and 29th May 2022  at 3pm
Auditions will be held at The Stables Theatre

Male readers …..
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Hay Fever
A modern take on this classic play, only modern in setting and costume and staging the language and style of the play will remain classic coward.

Judith Bliss
Retired actress, mother and wife whose stage persona never leaves the stage and is reflected in real life.
Pages 21-25
Pages 53-55
Pages -bottom of page 17-18

David Bliss
Judith’s husband a novelist, calm resevered.
Pages 60-63

Sorel and Simon Bliss
Judith and David’s children, spoilt, self indulgent the image of their mother.
Pages 1-4

Sandy Tyrell
Sporty, Athletic not aware of his attraction a fan of Judith’s,
Pages 21-25

Richard Greatham
Diplomat, straight laced
Pages 53-55

Myra Arundel
Socialite, vamp not a fan of Judith
Pages 60-63

Jackie Coryton
David’s secretary, shy, nervous doesn’t fit in.
Pages 31-33

Judith’s ex dresser now maid
Page 5

Contact Director David Sismore if you have any questions.

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