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Audition Notice – Crime and Punishment

Printers Playhouse/ Stable Theatre Production

Crime and Punishment

Adaptation by John Berry – Inspired by the book by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Auditions will be at the Stables Theatre on Wednesday 7th September

Please contact for audition time and script.

We are wanting to workshop several scenes from this new play and will be auditioning the following characters:

RAS – is the protagonist of the play and the story is told almost exclusively from his point of view. His pride and intellectualism lead him to dislike the rest of humanity. In contrast, he believes that he is part of an elite “superman” echelon and can consequently transgress accepted moral standards for higher purposes such as utilitarian good. However, the guilt that torments him after he commits two murders and his recurring faintness at the mention of the murders serve as proof to him that he is not made of the same stuff as a true “superman”. He turns to Sonya as a fellow
transgressor of social norms, but he fails to recognize that her sin is much different from his: while she truly sacrifices herself for the sake of others, he essentially commits his crime for his sake alone.

Pulcheria (RAS mother) – is a religious woman of fairly high standing in Russian society. She is an emotional woman who feels responsible for her family. She writes to Ras early in the play to inform him of his sisters engagement. Pulcheria loves RAS dearly and fears for his health and financial situation. She dies at the end of the play without fully knowing what her son has done, though she guesses it is something horrible.

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