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Anonymous Was A Woman – An Interactive Seminar With Women Of Wit, Wisdom And Wonder

The Gwen Watford gallery a workshop for 30 people.

Using actual and imagined letters grounded in our discoveries, come join us, listen and be inspired to write yourselves through a unique opportunity. Led by two exceptional Women of Wit, Wisdom & Wonder.

From Mary Wollstonecraft (A Vindication of the Rights of Woman) via Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), Ellen Terry (actor extraordinaire of late 19th and early 20th centuries), Edy Craig (theatre director, costume designer), Emily Wilding Davison (Suffragette) to women of the present day, research has led us to discover so much more than we are told.

Who would you write to? What would you say? What would you write to a woman of the future? Bring something that reminds you of a woman who inspires you (past or present).

Penni Blythe and Deborah Clair: Friendly Feminists write, act, sing, carry, inhabit and tell women’s stories, produce theatre, coach, educate, and reveal the reality of women’s lives then and now.

All welcome!

Deborah Clair as Emily Davsion.  Photo by Peter Mould

Penni Blythe Photo by Nigel Jenkins

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