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A Kind of Alaska


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This event is being managed within current Covid Guidelines with either a socially distanced or ‘bubbled’ performance. The performance will be one act of approximately 60 minutes with no interval.

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A Kind Of Alaska
by Harold Pinter
Pinter was intrigued by Dr Oliver Sacks book Awakenings. After 1914-18, war some of Sacks’ patients fell into a long sleep. 30 years later, a drug brought them to life. A play was born!  59 yr old Deborah awakens believing she is 16. What effect has her ‘absence’ had on those who still watch over her? Teenage Deborah rattles on while her doctor and sister endeavour to rehabilitate her.Insprired by ‘Awakenings’ by the neurologist Oliver Sacks MD, the play shows Deborah who was a lively 16-year-old when she fell victim to a sleeping sickness. She is brought to life many years later and gradually tries to make sense of the world around her and who she is. Plament to lost years of youth.

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