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Waves coming to shore on foggy beach with fog over water

A Little Like Drowning

By Anthony Minghella
Friday 10 to Saturday 18 June at 7.30pm. Sunday 12 June at 3pm · No performance Monday
A Stables Theatre production directed by Jane Richardson.

Where do you go, when all you have left is your memories? Bitter-sweet memories ...?

“This is my life now. This beach. These walks.”

At 72, Nonna spends her hours walking the shore with her grand-daughter.

“What will I do when you’re too big to want to spend time with me?”

Nonna remembers ... her marriage to Alfredo in Valvori, Italy, in 1926; the births of their daughters; and the day Alfredo left her for someone else. She looks out to sea, gazes into the warm water in the rock-pools ...

“Look, you can see your face in it! Sometimes I think I can see other people’s faces. Sometimes I stare and stare until they come.”

Now, the days are long, the memories fading. What do you do, when all you have to look forward to is your memories? It’s getting colder. The sun’s going in.

“Shall I tell you, Alfredo? These walks ... these paddles ... that’s a little like drowning ... isn’t it?”

Adults £13 · Under-18s and groups £10 · Members £8 · £2 off first-night tickets

Book online or call the box office on 01424 423221.

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