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Why Will?

Why Will?

One man, one Bard, 20 speeches, 20 circles, 20 answers, one question: “Why perform
Shakespeare”? Following rave reviews from Bowler Crab’s Half House Farm run, this one man show now ventures on a one stop tour to the Stables Theatre.

In an effort to answer why Shakespeare is so important, Bowler Crab’s Artistic Director, Stephen John performs twenty of Shakespeare’s most famous speeches, whilst sharing his knowledge and personal experiences of Shakespeare, having directed, produced and acted in twenty BC productions to date.

Presented in two one-hour long acts, Stephen performs as characters from Shakespeare’s finest works: from Hamlet to Benedick, Romeo to Bottom, Caesar to Jaques. Tragedy and comedy lace this charismatic and personal performance as Stephen fights, feasts, frights, fakes and falls about laughing in every effort to
share his passion for Shakespeare.

This will be the final performance of this full length version of “Why Will?”, so don’t miss
out! More information regarding BC can be found at

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