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Waiting For Godot

Waiting for Godot is a comic masterpiece dressed to look profound or a philosophical work of genius dripping in gags, depending on your viewpoint.

It  rose out of the ashes of the second world war and rises again out of the Covid pandemic to remind us that things can start over.

Renegade director David Glass has teamed up with Hastings own Theatre Nation to deliver this call to arms. 
The cast is drawn from the cream of comedy – Olivier nominee Ben Keaton, puppeteer and madman Henry Maynard.  Billy Clarke plays the mute and can’t-shut-him-up Lucky with unending irony.  And  at the core of it all, Patrick Kealey, the idiot artistic director of Theatre Nation who wouldn’t let this production die when we were all tossed into isolation back in 2020 just as we were about to premiere. This is the production of Waiting for Godot that should never have been staged but like the first back in 1953, won’t be denied. We’ve come out of the dark and that glimmer of hope up ahead is just  enough to make you laugh. There can only be  one post-pandemic Godot. This is it.

A Theatre Nation Production

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