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Turn The Page


Rehearsed reading with live music.


Turn the Page is a project being developed by local creatives Dominique Gerrard and John Knowles which seeks to understand how we can develop hope for humanity and the world.

What began as a play with strong environmental themes morphed into a musical which explores how to question everything and co-exist with each other and our natural resources.

‘When you find Utopia raise your sails’ so said Oscar Wilde. For too long we have taken for granted that our status quo is the answer to the future, as if capitalism and endless growth could somehow provide an answer to global warming and all the problems that we have before us. Turn the Page envisions a future whereby we live in harmony with each other but continue to question our values and how we manage our society. Set in a post apocalyptic world of fractured communities, Turn the Page is both a warning to humanity and blueprint for change. With music composed by a 14-year-old musician, supported by emerging talent Maisy Crunden, this is now a project seeking support and partners.

Thus, this will be a rehearsed reading with live music, showcasing the musical and seeking both opinions and development / production support. So come along and be patriot of a revolution. Together, we can turn the page!

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