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The Audience

by Peter Morgan.

For sixty years Queen Elizabeth has met her prime ministers in private for a weekly audience at Buck House. Peter Morgan’s play which makes us privy to these confidential meetings is a work of informed imagination based on history, gossip and speculation. Major figures in our political life discuss game changing historical events with unexpected humanity, candour and even comedy.

A Stables Theatre Production directed by France Viner.

Rehearsal pictures by Sally Ann Lycett


Queen Elizabeth II – Janet McCarter & Emily Cooper

Child Elizabeth – Joyce

Winston Churchill – Colin Mitchell

David Cameron – David Drey

John Major – Philip Blurton

Gordon Brown – Chris Rose

Margaret Thatcher – Carol Hunt

Sir Anthony Eden – Robert Stewart

Harold Wilson – TBC

Tony Blair/Equerry – Rich Keeble

Bobo – Gill Jenks

Dresser – Ginny Beaumont

Corgi – Beni

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