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Tom’s Midnight Garden

Adapted for the stage by David Wood from the book by Philippa Pearce.

As the old grandfather clock chimes thirteen, a lonely boy creeps down the Victorian staircase. He walks out of the 1950s and into another world, another time and a garden that shouldn’t exist. Are the people there ghosts – or is the boy the ghost?

This beautiful and poignant story introduces the audience to Hatty, an orphan from the 1800s and Tom, a boy from the 1950s. Moving between time periods, Tom meets characters from Hatty’s world and shares in her sorrow, joy and love of life.

Adapted from the award winning novel, this haunting story explores friendship, love and loss, and enduring human spirit. Tom’s Midnight Garden is a magical, enchanting story which will delight audiences young and old.

“At last we get a Christmas play with a superb storyline which has everything – magic, suspense, ghosts, wonder!” Birmingham Post.

A Stables production directed by Niall Whitehead and Barbara Ward.


Tom – Harper Jackson
Peter – TBC
Aunt Gwen – Helen Evans
Uncle Alan – Adrian Bowd
Mrs Bartholomew – Di Cheesewright

Young Hatty – Rachel Nash
Middle Hatty – Emily Cooper
Adult Hatty – Jessie Whitehead
Aunt Grace – Julia Allen
Abel – Rich Keeble
Susan – Charly Guyatt
James – Munro Scott
Edgar – Jess Webb
Hubert – Katie Marks
Barty – Lewis Jones
Ely Tower Guide – Yvonne Rees

Physical Theatre Group – Sightseers/Skaters/Voices: Emily Barnard, Elle Brookes-Doolan, Rachel Nash, Jessie Whitehead, Charly Guyatt, Katie Marks, Jess Webb, Munro Scott, Harry Leigh, Lewis Jones

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