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Snap Dragon

A Rehearsed Play Reading 40 Seats Available

SNAP DRAGON is a thrilling new play which recreates the world of 1950, austerity Britain.  Many of the struggles we faced as a society are still recognisable today, suggesting that, in some sense, the twenty-first century was born out of these post-war years.
The Christmas week of 1950.

Three people cross paths at a down-at-heel theatre in Camden Town.  Audrey and Gavin are performing there in a second-rate Murder Mystery.  Ray, a bookies’ runner, has come to collect bets from the stage-door keeper.

On stage is a world of bronzed tennis players and women who say clever things in sequined gowns.  But off stage, it’s back to reality; bombsites, freezing fog and endless queues for whatever food their ration books allow.

Audrey, Gavin and Ray are waiting for their lives (and the country itself) to transform after the trauma of World War Two.  Perhaps they see the key for such transformation in each other.  But who can be trusted?  How do they achieve their desires without risking too much of themselves?

The days ahead will see love grow, secrets revealed and violence erupt.

When Christmas is over, who will be able to move forward from the wreckage?

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