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Save Our Theatre

The Seaside Little Theatre is in trouble and Christine Brown, popular Principal of the Little Theatre Performing Arts School, does not know where to turn for help.

Certainly not to the Trustees! They have been bamboozled by nasty Mr Flanagan, who is intent on closing the theatre down. No amount of pleading will make them listen.

At her wits’ end, Christine battles to put on one last show. Then there is some terrible news that seems to signal the end – that is until the children take matters into their own hands …

Will they manage to put on one last show or will nasty Mr Flanagan get his own way – and bring the curtain down on them!

Another jolly good story from Dancemoves School of Performing Arts, suitable for all the family.

Written, choreographed and produced by Viv Wormley-Healing.

A Dancemoves School of Performing Arts production.

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