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Othello is William Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy about racism, betrayal, envy, love, hate, lust, revenge, repentance, manipulation and murder.

The play is one of Shakespeare’s finest pieces, focusing on the love story of the black military general, Othello, and his white wife, Desdemona, who are ridiculed for their relationship because of racial prejudice. Othello’s standard bearer, Iago, is the antagonist of the plot, manipulating everyone around him to bring Othello’s reputation down by any means possible.

This intense and gritty tragedy is brought to life by Bowler Crab Productions, a professional Shakespearean theatre company based in East Sussex.

Whilst edited down for a more consumable running time, this production of Othello nonetheless sticks strictly to the original Jacobean language and storyline, a tale which (even 400 years after its first performance) is particularly relatable to our modern day society.

Othello is the company’s 11th Shakespearean production to date since its founding in 2013 and will be on tour in Sussex and Kent throughout October, November and December 2017.

A Bowler Crab production.

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