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New Directors and Productions for 2024

It’s that vital time of year where the Stables Theatre search for directors.

We want you to bring your ideas for theatre productions for our 2024 seasons

Therefore, we cordially invite you to the theatre to pitch your directing ideas for next year’s season of Stables Theatre produced plays and Christmas show.

If you feel you have an idea for a production you would like to direct at the Stables Theatre then please come and see us.

We pick the new productions through a special ‘Director’s Night’ which will be on Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th April (if needed)

The ‘Night’ consists of a director pitching one to one to the members of our friendly PAG. (Planning Advisory Group).

The pitch cannot last more than 15 minutes but can consist of more than one production.

However, within these minutes the PAG members need to ask questions to understand your ideas and vision.

Therefore, multiple ideas for productions in a pitch is likely to reduce the chance for PAG to understand your plans . Therefore, have a greater chance of not being chosen.

We will not decide on the evening but all directors will be notified later once a decision has been made.

So if you’d like to come to the Director’s Night to pitch please contact us on one of the two following email addresses or

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