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My Mother Said I Never Should

By Charlotte Keatley

“In its revelation of mother-daughter emotions over the years, this play is without rivals. It is a classic.”

The Times on The Royal Court’s production, 1989

This interesting and unusual play is about four women and their ordinary and extraordinary lives.

Through addressing complicated emotional and social issues relevant to us all, it examines the relationship between four women and their mothers and children across the years of the last century, during huge social change.

It emotionally analyses conflicting attitudes towards relationships, parenting, employment, ambition and language while also exploring the constants: our need for autonomy and to love and be loved.

Funny and moving in turn, it is a serious play, as it examines serious subjects, but is written and presented in a lively format with fast-paced, realistic and combative language that keeps both the actors and the audience on their toes.

A Stables Theatre production directed by Lyndsey Meer.

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