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Murder Of My Aunt

Written by Peter Eyre.
Directed by Lyndsey Meer.
Murder of my Aunt, a Black Comedy

“Murder? I say Edward, isn’t that a little extreme?”

For the past eight years, Edward Powell has lived alone with his aunt in her secluded cottage in Wales, having moved there after the death of his parents. It is a lonely existence and they spend much of their time in a constant battle for supremacy over their daily lives, which he faithfully records in his diary.

Until one day he decides that enough is enough and he will end the conflict by killing her off.

But how to do the deed?

This is the story of Edward’s increasingly desperate attempts to pull of the perfect murder as he embarks on his plan to knock off his Aunt with the help of his hapless friend Innes.

A comic tale of poisoning, electrocution and carefully arranged accidents, culminating in an unexpected conclusion. The Murder of My Aunt is a play in two Acts, featuring a cast of six.

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