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Kiss Off / Proxy

FRIDAY 9 AUGUST at 7.30pm

Kiss Off / Proxy

Two short plays by Fringe Director Heather Alexander and produced by Emul8 Theatre Company.

Kiss Off – a dark comedy

Two women meet. They had hoped that they never would. Their story unravels as they are caught in a deadly circumstance; one over which they have no control. Can sisterhood and humanity triumph? Or will the past replay its inevitable toxic drama? We recognise these women. We’ve been there and we pray to never have to go where they are headed. A black comedy exploring a world where words poison and dreams are disordered echoes of a past that can’t be silenced. Directed by Tina Pelini.

Proxy – a psychological drama

Can a child survive the ultimate betrayal?

Mothers nurture and children thrive – that’s what we believe, applaud and expect. But what happens when that natural order distorts and twists into a labyrinth of despair; when fear replaces trust and hunger devours a child’s humanity? Skipper is plunged into a world where rules are broken and society conspires to perpetuate the myth that ‘mother knows best.’ An exploration of how abuse can operate in plain sight where nothing is quite as it seems. Directed by Dominique Gerrard.

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