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GDPR Statement

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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR): A Summary of Our Position

At the end of May 2018 the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation comes into force providing for stronger protections regarding personal and sensitive data. As an organisation that holds membership details we need to ensure that we are compliant with the GDPR.

What personal information do we keep relating to individuals?

For members: Name, address, telephone numbers, e mail addresses and activity preferences e.g ( acting/ Directing /Bar/FOH/Technical and Backstage). Direct Debit mandates – which are the only paper records kept.

For Patrons /Members of the Public: Names, address, telephone number, e mail address, and in addition the productions they have attended.

Who keeps the master list of data?

This is held in a secure password protected data base to which the Membership Secretary and Box Office Manager have access. Members of the Box Office team access this in a limited way when taking bookings and our Marketing managers have access to e mail addresses.

Who else has access to the members list?

Directors when casting plays are given a list of those who are on the Actors list. Rota Managers have a list of those who have opted into helping that area of the theatre – Bar, Technical, Front of House and Box Office.

We need to obtain your continued consent to The Stables Theatre holding this data.

We ask that those who have volunteered for particular activities within The Stables to allow their details to be shared with others who have similarly volunteered for that activity – ie Directors and Rota Managers. To other members who are not active volunteers we ask that you opt in to our continuing to hold this carefully defined data. In both cases this can be done by replying to this e mail or clicking on the button below.

How do we maintain lists.

You have the right for you to have access to your individual data and / or to have this data deleted; obviously if ask for your data to be deleted this will in effect mean you are no longer a member of The Stables Trust Ltd / The Stables Theatre. At the time of your annual subscription renewal in the future we will ask if you wish to continue to our storing of this data and receiving communications from us. You have the right to opt in to receiving e mail, or postal communication from The Stables.

Sharing of your contact details

Rest assured we will never loan, share or sell your details to any third parties. If we receive requests for your contact details we ask you first whether we can do this. We are in the process of changing our membership application form which ask whether you prefer to be contacted by e mail or mail with a choice of ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Personal details of children and under 16s.

This is covered in our Safeguarding Policy as approved by East Sussex County Council. Suffice to say that details of children are made available only to those who need to have them, and that specific parental consent must be obtained for these details to shared and for the young persons participation in Stables Theatre activities. All those involved with our under 16 members should be DBS checked.

Privacy Policy / Information Security Policy.

Copies of these will available within the next two months on our website and copies can be made available through the Box Office

This Summary has been prepared by Chris Lacey Chairman of The Stables Trust Ltd, and approved by The Council of Management of The Stables Trust Ltd. Likewise the Privacy Policy and the Information Security Policy ( prepared by Andy Bissenden ) will also so approved.



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