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Cecil Beaton’s Diaries

Cecil Beaton’s Diaries

For the first time, the diaries of photographer and designer Sir Cecil Beaton come to the stage, to accompany his most iconic images.

Beaton’s photographs showed his versatility; his diaries exposed the cost. Even his triumphant designs for My Fair Lady never stopped his doubts. And his passion for Greta Garbo found fulfilment only in his writing. Blisteringly funny, with appearances ranging from the Queen Mother and Elizabeth Taylor to Churchill and Capote, the diaries paint a self-portrait of the 20th century’s most compelling dandy.

Performed by Richard Stirling, whose recent credits include Bridgerton and The Man who Fell to Earth.

Richard Stirling epitomises Beaton’s crisply tailored demeanour *****Edinburgh Guide

Stirling does a superlative job of milking Beaton’s diaries for all their venom Talkin’ Broadway

Unexpectedly moving ****The Stage

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