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AUDITIONS: ‘The Audience’

by Peter Morgan.

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Auditions: Sunday 11 November 2018, 6pm.

Playing Dates: March 8th – 16th 2019.

Director: Frances Viner.

For sixty years Queen Elizabeth has met her prime ministers in private for a weekly audience at Buck House. Peter Morgan’s play which makes us privy to these confidential meetings is a work of informed imagination based on history, gossip and speculation. Major figures in our political life discuss game changing historical events with unexpected humanity, candour and even comedy

We are not looking for physical look alikes. The set is sketchy, we are not going to recreate the palace. Our resources will be spent on immaculate costumes, wigs and where necessary make-up. We will be recreating these ministers with bold strokes, not to be satirical but because what may seem an ‘exaggeration’ of truth will be instantly recognisable and enjoyable for our audiences. Frances Viner (director), Andrew Bruce (producer), Maureen Nelson (costumes), Rose Balp (properties), May Fairweather (stage manager) are all highly skilled and supportive.  Whatever your level of experience we guarantee a sharpening of skills, a lot of fun and confidence in what you are doing.

Wikipedia will give you more personal and historical detail but think in terms of those characteristics you immediately recall. Political life and that of the royal family are performances. We will preserve the drama and remove the masks.


We would love it if you brought a prop with you to illustrate some aspect of your character!


Winston Churchill – as he was in 1952 after George VI’s death and before Elizabeth’s coronation, decrepitude has not diminished his enormous presence.

Anthony Eden – 1956 during the Suez crisis he is dashing, aristocratic and near to breaking point.

Harold Wilson – it’s 1964 Labour have narrowly won the election, Wilson is in his late 40s, plays the ‘ill-bred ruffian’ but is a fine intellect.

Margaret Thatcher – nuff said.

John Roy Major – 52, a quiet worried man with 3 O – levels, unassuming and that rare thing in politics, decent.

Tony Blair – a small part but a memorable one.

Gordon Brown – 58, a dour Scottish academic, anxious.

David  Cameron –   2015 Cameron is 48, the last audience before exiting to his shed.

Equerry – 40 plus,  ex-Lieutenant Commander of the Royal Navy.

Bobo Macdonald – Scottish nanny, servant, confidante and dresser to Elizabeth.

Detectives, policemen and an archbishop will be doubled with prime ministers.


First read thro’:  Thursday 15th November 7.00 pm, Stables Theatre

First rehearsal:  Sunday 2nd December  2 – 5pm  2018.

Scripts are available to hire from the Box Office.


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