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AUDITION: Six Degrees of Separation

Six Degrees of Separation
by John Guare
Director Tim Kendrick


Open Auditions (all are welcome to try out):
Sunday 31-March 2019 at 3pm
at Stables Theatre, Hastings
Production Dates:
18-Oct to 26-Oct 2019

Rehearsal Dates:
From about 14-Aug onwards, typically Tue, Wed & Thurs evenings, 7:30-9:30pm
but days may be adjusted based on both rehearsal space and actor availability.
As we get closer to opening night, rehearsal days and times will be expanded.

Why I’m so excited about directing this play:
This play has been called a comedy, a drama, a “dramedy”, and a “tragicomedy of race, class, and
manners”. It’s true that it could definitely be considered a drama with a lot of laughs. Or a
comedy with a lot of substance. Above all I consider it brilliant. Along with Eugene O’Neills’ The
Iceman Cometh it is one of my all-time favourite plays. And the two plays share many similarities.
Both highlight characters who are trapped in their own fantasy world, oblivious to reality, until an
interloper arrives to shatter their illusions with “the truth”. But neither Paul nor Hickey are all they
seem to be and may not practice all they preach. Six Degrees of Separation challenges us to face
ourselves, to view reality as it really is and not as we wish it to be.

There is an old saying in the art world: “Good art makes you either think or feel. But great art
makes you both think and feel.” By that definition, Six Degrees of Separation is truly great art.
Synopsis: Inspired by a true story, the play follows the trail of a young black con man, Paul, who
insinuates himself into the lives of a wealthy New York couple, Ouisa and Flan Kittredge, claiming
he knows their son at Harvard. Paul tells them he is the son of actor Sidney Poitier, and that he
has just been mugged and all his money stolen. Captivated by Paul's intelligence and his
fascinating conversation (and the possibility of appearing in a new Sidney Poitier movie based on
the musical Cats) the Kittredges invite him to stay overnight. But in the morning they discover him
in bed with a male hustler from the streets, and the picture begins to change. After kicking him out,
Ouisa and Flan discover that friends of theirs have had a similar run-in with the brash con artist.
Intrigued, they turn detective and piece together the connections that gave Paul access to their
lives. Meanwhile, Paul's cons unexpectedly lead him into darker territory and his lies begin to
catch up with him. As the final events of the play unfold Ouisa suddenly finds herself caring for
Paul, feeling that he gave them far more than he took and that her once idyllic life was not what it
seemed to be.

AUDITION NOTE: Although the play is set in New York City and most of the characters are
Americans, I don’t want any actors to worry about trying to do an American accent at the audition.
It’s not necessary. Unless you can do a perfect American accent without any effort at all, then
please don’t even try. I don’t want anything to get in the way of you giving the best audition you
possibly can.
Also please note that due to adult content in this play, no one under the age of 18 will be cast.
(The only exception would be if you are 17 years old at the time of the auditions, but you will be
turning 18 before the first rehearsal on 14-Aug. If this is the case for you, please notify us of this
at the audition.)

Paul – Male, black, age 20’s
Paul is extremely charming. Very little is known about Paul’s true identity. He claims to be the
son of Sidney Poitier as well as a friend of the Kittredges’ children. He is very intelligent, endlessly
winning, and wants most of all to be liked (loved).

Ouisa Kittredge—Female, age 40-50’s
Ouisa Kittredge is a rich, attractive, witty, middle-aged socialite. She lives with her husband in an
Upper East Side apartment in Manhattan. A gracious hostess, a quick conversationalist and a
dramatic storyteller who’s somewhat insulated in her upscale world of New York society.

Flanders Kittredge—Male, age 40-50’s
Flan is a rich, charming, middle-aged art dealer. His business is the discreet buying and selling of
expensive works of art. He is sophisticated, successful, and a very competitive person.

Ensemble roles: (NOTE: An actor may possibly be cast in one, two or even up to three of the roles below.)

Geoffrey—Male, age 40-80’s
Geoffrey is an elegant South African billionaire. He tries very hard to be a liberal, open-minded,
thoughtful person, but being a billionaire businessman means he doesn’t always succeed at that.

Kitty—Female, age 40-50’s
Kitty is a friend of the Kittredges, wife of Larkin, she speaks before she thinks, has a bit of an
inferiority complex.

Larkin—Male, age 40-50’s
Larkin is a friend of the Kittredges, husband of Kitty, hates conflict or controversy (except with his
wife), never wants to rock the boat.

Dr. Fine – Male, age 40-50’s
Dr. Fine is full of contradictions – intelligent but gullible, friendly but distant,
wants a better relationship with his son but continually pushes him away.

Rick—Male, age 20’s
Rick is an idealistic and passionate young actor and singer who has moved to New York from
Utah with his girlfriend Elizabeth in pursuit of their art. He is attractive, unpretentious, open, kind,
impressionable, naïve, and earnest.

Elizabeth—Female, age 20’s
Elizabeth is a young actress who has moved to New York from Utah with her boyfriend Rick. She is attractive, warm, open, earnest, forthright, upstanding, practical, hardworking and determined.

Trent Conway—Male age 20’s
Trent is a brilliant, rich, gay, nerd/geek who feels unloved and misunderstood.

Talbott (Tess) Kittredge – Female, age 20’s
The Kittredge’s daughter, she is articulate, self-involved, and privileged; can barely contain her
contempt and judgment for her parents’ every action and utterance.

Woodrow (Woody) Kittredge – Male, age 20’s
The Kittredge’s son, he is self-absorbed and intolerant; preppy, athletic, and has lived a life of
privilege and insularity.

Ben – Male, age 20’s
Kitty and Larkin’s son, he feels he has to constantly lecture his parents, constantly set them
straight, constantly stop them from killing each other.

Doug – Male, age 20’s
Dr. Fine’s son, he is brimming with contempt toward his father, who he thinks is an utter fool.

Hustler – Male, age 20–30’s
Tough New York male prostitute, works the street corners. May be gay or may be a straight guy
who will do anything for money. NOTE: This role requires actor to be totally nude on stage for approximately one minute.

Detective – Male/Female, any age
No nonsense, just wants the facts, tired of dealing with idiotic rich people.

Doorman Eddie – Male, any age
Hardworking, discrete, caring, but very judgemental.

Police Officer – Male/Female, any age
Wants to be promoted to a Detective but recently failed on the exam.

Servants – Male/Female, any age
Discrete, silent, emotionless, efficient, anticipates what will be needed before asked.

Copies of the play are available at the Stables box office. A returnable deposit of £10 is required.
Any questions? You can email Director Tim Kendrick at

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