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SUNDAY 9th JANUARY 2022 at 2 pm

Playing: Hastings  6 – 14 May   &  Chicago 10 – 19  June 2022

‘Run For Your Wife’ by Ray Cooney

Directed by Lyndsey Meer


Dear Actors,

Given the latest COVID restrictions I am writing to tell you about some changes to the Audition for ‘Run for your Wife’ playing

6 – 14 May and 10 – 19 June.

The main Audition is still on Sunday 9th January at 2 pm but I want to begin with the longer parts at 2 o’clock –  i.e. Mary, Barbara,  John and Stanley – and call for the shorter parts at 3 – i.e. Troughton, Newspaper Rep., Porterhouse &  Bobby.

This is primarily to lessen the waiting around time for you all but also means there will be less people in an indoor space.  To that effect you will be asked to wait in the Bar until called into Gwen Watford for your audition pieces.

Given the recent COVID restrictions, and the fact that none of us know how things may develop, I have been assured that should we not be allowed to travel to the States come summer, we will certainly (hopefully!) play in Hastings in May.

Finally, for those of you who can’t make Sunday 9th there will be a second Audition, probably on the following evening, Monday 10th, but please let me know if you can’t make the Sunday (or that Monday) & we can discuss your situation.

Lyndsey Meer

Please contact me if you have queries or can’t make the Audition dates:-

07788 713564         01580 880219


Dear Actors,

I feel we’re so lucky to have this connection with the Chicago Heights theatre.

It’s such a fun thing to do – go out to the States with a load of thesps and put on a daft play.  And this play is DAFT.

I initially had some concerns about it as it’s dated and somewhat sexist but Chicago have requested it and it is very, very funny – so we will present it as the period piece it is. And, as we in theatre all know, there is nothing like making people laugh.

This will be a big commitment for Cast and Crew.

You will need to be available for a UK production in May, between 6th and 14th, while stage show dates in Chicago are between June 10th and 19th.  There will be time either side for exploring and we will be hosted, free of charge, by our colleagues in Chicago.

The Play

John Smith is a London cabbie with his own taxi, a wife in Streatham, a wife in Wimbledon and a knife-edge schedule.  He has been a successful, if tired,  bigamist for three years but, one day, gallantly intervening in a mugging, he is taken to hospital with mild concussion.  In the ensuing complications John tries to cope with a succession of well-meaning but prying policemen, the press, two increasingly irate wives and a gay neighbour, until he manfully confesses the truth – but no-one believes him!

The action takes place in two London flats, both represented on stage.

The cast is made up of 6 men and 2 women – all funny, quirky parts with masses of opportunity for imaginative, idiosyncratic performances.

The Cast:-

Mary Smith​​

Barbara Smith

John Smith

Detective Sergeant Troughton

Stanley Gardner

Newspaper Reporter

Detective Sergeant Porterhouse

Bobbie Franklyn

Please contact me if you have queries or can’t make the Audition date:-

07788 713564         01580 880219


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