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AUDITION NOTICE – One Night In The Many Deaths Of Sonny Liston

Audition date
Sunday 30th July
4.00 pm at the Stables theatre, Hastings
For a rehearsed reading of One Night in the Many Deaths of Sonny Liston

A One Act Play by J B Heaps

Director Kirrie Wratten

Performance date Friday 8th September 2023

M: Sonny Liston, black American, a former heavyweight boxing champion. Age 40s, in good physical shape, but signs of insecurity.

F: Her, white American in her 20s, a courier for Sonny’s heroin dealer, but an intelligent woman who has mastered the art of persuasion by fair means or foul.

Set in Sonny Liston’s living room in Las Vegas late one night in late December, 1970. Sonny Liston is at home waiting for a delivery of heroin. A young woman arrives, provocatively dressed. She has brought his “Grade A shit”, but Sonny persuades her to stay and have a drink with him. Initially he boasts about his boxing successes, but it becomes clear that there is a darker side to his life. The power balance shifts between the couple; she has been given more than one job to do for Sonny that evening.

Please note that lines will not need to be learnt, but I would like to work on character and the shifts in the relationship which make the play so interesting.

Rehearsal dates and times will be agreed between the director and the actors as soon as the play is cast.

Please would all those interested in auditioning contact Kirrie via email ( She will send audition pieces, and work out a timetable according to the level of interest.

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