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 By Abi Morgan

Directed by Jane Richardson

Auditions Sunday 28th May 2.00pm
Playing dates 15-23 September 2023

2m, 2f

Scripts available from the Box Office on 01424 423221.

‘That is the story of our beginning. And this is the story of…the end’
LOVESONG is the story of the life of one couple. William and Margaret.
Billy and Maggie. It’s the story of how the excitement and challenges of
youth become the wisdom of experience; how the acceptance of how
things change becomes the eventual acceptance of the way things must be.

We see the giddy excitement and possibilities of the early days of the couple’s marriage, through to their later years when the reality of a terminal illness offers another choice, replacing the option of a drawn-out, painful death with a different, ultimately life-affirming decision; and an unexpected hope for the future.

‘There are going to be moments like this where I have to know you can jump when I ask you to jump. And you did.’ Past and present will literally intertwine as the older and younger couple move around each other across a set stripped back to the bare essentials, with lighting, projection and sound as much to the fore as the acting. It will need actors who are not afraid of expressing themselves with movement and silences, as well as with words.

We’ll explore the experience of living with serious illness, both for the person living with with pain, and for the one who fears being left alone. We’ll do this in as honest a way as we can without becoming mawkish or sentimental.

As the actors will be playing younger/older versions of themselves, wewill also work on mirroring and matching one another, as well as using movement in specific dream sequences and memory flashbacks. LOVESONG was originally devised by Frantic Assembly Theatre, whom are of course known for their physical theatre work. While I wouldn’t dream of copying their original vision, I do think the play lends itself to some ‘wordless’ moments, which we’ll explore with help from a contemporary dance choreographer. You are NOT expected to dance! But simply to be open to trying something new. I’m really excited about the chance to direct this beautiful, moving play, and I hope you will be just as excited to audition!

(see below for a note on ages)
Billy (60s-70s) Billy has always been the provider. Thoughtful, caring,
traditional. Excruciatingly aware of the pain Margaret is dealing with,
and all too aware that she doesn’t have long left. Knows he will be left
alone and is struggling with everything that means.

Maggie (60s-70s) Neat, in control, strong-willed, pragmatic. The organiser in the marriage, and now is trying to organise still, so that William will manage when she’s gone.

William (20s-30s) Positive, forward-looking. Sense of humour. Has moved them both from England to America, so not afraid of taking a chance; but struggles when things don’t quite go to plan. Depends so very much on Margaret’s love and support.

Margaret (20s-30s*) Intelligent, enquiring. Excited about her new life, supports Williams dreams and his career, but doesn’t want to be a stay-at-home wife. Longs to be a mother, but desperately disappointed when it doesn’t seem to be happening.

*A NOTE ON AGES* Please don’t get too hung-up on specific ages; it’s
just important that the audience completely accepts they’re seeing theyounger and older versions of the same couple. If you’d like to explore more before the audition date, a recording of the original production of LOVESONG is available to rent (for a small cost) on the Digital Theatre website; there are also lots of excerpts and interviews with the original company on YouTube.

Any questions, you can email me


William & Margaret:
-Scene 3 page 37 ‘Go easy, huh?’ to page 39 ‘Did you see his face?’
-Scene 7 page 65 ‘They’ve filled that paddling pool too deep’ to page
67 ‘Yes. That’s what I said.’
-Scene 5 page 49 ‘I want to be cremated’ to page 51 ‘poison your tea.’

Billy & Maggie:
-Scene 3 page 33 ‘Soda?’ to page 36 stage direction ‘Maggie sinks a
– Scene 6 page 53 ‘Did you sleep last night?’ – to page 57 ‘It will be.
Thank you.’
– Scene 12 page 91 ‘When people ask us -‘ to page 93 ‘…have this
house now.’

– Scene 9 (with a reader) from page 78 ‘I can look after the fucking cat’
to page 79 ‘Always.’


– Scene 7 page 62 ‘Annie, are you there?’ to page 63 ‘I’ve been ram-
bling and…’

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