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Audition Date  -:   Sunday 5th & Sunday 12th December @ 3.30 pm 

At the Stables Theatre

Dial “M” for Murder   by Frederick Knott

Directed by Adrian Bowd

Production Dates -: Friday 1st April – Saturday 9th April

1950’s London  Wealthy Sheila Wendice had a brief affair with  a writer, Max, while her husband Tony, a professional tennis player, was away on tour.  Tony discovers her indiscretion, and enlists the help of an old acquaintance to have her killed so he can inherit her money.  Things don’t go according to plan however, but Tony manages to frame her for murder, leaving her to face the death penalty, and leaving him to still inherit her wealth.

The 1954 American film “Dial M for Murder” directed by Alfred Hitchcock starring Grace Kelly and Ray Milland owes it’s success to the original stage play of the same name, written by Frederick Knott,which opened in London’s west end in June 1952, and then on to New York’s Broadway in October. The film earned an estimated  $2.7  million in North American box office sales in 1954, and the play has remained a big favorite with theatre audiences.

CAST  and Approximate Playing Ages

Tony  Wendice             –  40’s     Retired professional tennis player

Sheila Wendice            – 40’s     Wealthy socialite

Max Halliday                –   40’s    A crime writer

Captain Lesgate          –   40’s    A petty criminal, slightly older than Tony

Inspector Hubbard      –  40 – late 50’s

Scripts are available from the Stables box office and the audition pieces are as follows -:

Pages 14-17     Lesgate & Tony   from  start of scene to  p17 –  Lesgate  “Yes-but-er-not the money “

Pages 2-5  Sheila & Max   start of scene t0 p5 –  Sheila  “It was stolen”

Pages 55-58     Hubbard, Tony & Sheila   from  Hubbard  “You rang the police at 3 minutes to 11” to  Hubbard  “I see. All right – go on. “

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