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My Old Lady


‘When a down on his luck middle aged man abandons his life in New York after inheriting an apartment in a fashionable part of Paris, he plans to solve his financial woes by selling it immediately. When he arrives he discovers, to his surprise and dismay, that there is a spirited old woman living there who claims she has lifetime habitation rights under an arcane French law – and she is not about to give them up. They eventually strike a deal and she invites him to stay, for a price, in the spacious but dilapidated apartment she shares with her outspoken and extremely suspicious daughter.

Much conflict follows, together with some unexpected, sometimes uncomfortable revelations concerning Matthias’ late father – resulting in arguments, disputes, surprises and readjustments. Eventually, maybe from the emergence of greater understanding, developing friendships and even romance possibly there is hope ahead.

A Stables Theatre Production directed by Maureen Nelson

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