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Director: Tim Kendrick

About this play:

Deathtrap is a thriller written by Ira Levin in 1978 with many plot twists and a lot of laughs.

It is in two acts with one set and five characters. It holds the record for the longest-running comedy-thriller on Broadway, and was nominated for four Tony Awards, including Best Play.  Deathtrap was well received by many and has been frequently revived.


Sidney Bruhl, a previously successful playwright, has had a series of box office flops and is having trouble writing. Sidney tells his wife, Myra, he has received a new play from a student of his, Clifford Anderson.  Sidney asserts that the student’s play is a certain hit. Interspersed with reassurances that he is only kidding, he frightens Myra with suggestions that he may kill Clifford in order to steal the script. Sidney telephones Clifford to invite him over to give him suggestions on improving the play. Clifford’s play is, like the actual play itself, entitled Deathtrap, and is also a one set, five character thriller. Will Sidney go through with it and actually kill Clifford?  And if so, how will Myra react?  Expect lots of surprises!


Sidney Bruhl – Glen Marks
Myra Bruhl – Nicola Dealtry
Clifford Anderson – Charlie Abrahams
Helga Ten Dorp – Anne Hutchings
Porter Milgrim – Mark Bostock

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