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Programme Advisory Group

Carol Hunt, Co-ordinator.

The PAG is a team of members who plan each year’s programme of Stables Theatre productions for approval by the Council.  We also provide a link to ongoing productions to ensure that directors receive the support needed to produce successful shows.

Each year a meeting is held to which all Stables members are invited and where suggestions for future plays can be made.  These suggestions form the basis for the research which will be carried out for the purpose of choosing the following season’s programme.

A PAG member will serve for a three year term to ensure that there is a regular change of interests and ideas.  There are no specialisations in the group; we simply want people who have a knowledge of plays, enjoy reading them and have a keen interest in theatre.

Current members

  • Carol Hunt (Co-Ordinator)
  • Harriet Davey (Secretary)
  • Anne Edwards (Production Secretary)
  • Neil Sellman (Link to the Stables Council)
  • Elizabeth Annetts
  • Sally-Anne Lycett
  • Glen Marks
  • Jane Richardson
  • Andrew White
  • Jenny Wiles
  • Tim Wormley-Healing

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