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Here at last is love



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Here At Last Is Love

by David Charles Manners


When the world is at war, nothing matters more than friendship and the pursuit of love.

Sodomy Johnson, ‘the Buggers’ Vera Lynn’, rules the Pink Sink, the lower bar of the Ritz. During the Blitz, she makes the bar a haven for a bohemian set of gay officers and MI5 agents, who include Terence Rattigan, Desmond Carrington, Paul Dehn, Dunstan Thompson and Michael Pitt-Rivers.

Sodomy has a remarkable true story to tell and encourages each of them to share their own. These expose the social pressure gay men were under to keep their sexuality hidden, whilst revealing the rich, joyful lives and loves they pursued in private that supported them through the dehumanising horrors of active service.

Here At Last Is Love is a new play in the style of a revue of the period, based on interviews recorded by the author and a set of inherited letters written by the Pink Sink Set during the war.

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