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HAPPENINGS By John Berry – In these tough times, Life’s a struggle. There’s unfulfilled expectations. Humdrum existences needing an injection of life. Millions wishing something, would happen to them, to fill the void in their lives. Clearly everyone “else” is happy. Online
celebrations and holiday pics prove it. Jane can’t take it anymore. She needs that something, anything! but how far is she willing to go to get it?
Jo didn’t understand.
Jo is happy to just get along.
Having normal couple conversations and disagreements. Why do they see the world so differently?
Maybe “Mad Fran” has the answer. She at least has the life experience that would suggest she
could help.
“Happenings” is a dark comedy involving 3 characters set in a seaside town. Their feelings about the world being matched by countless 30 somethings across the country.
If your life is made up of the things that happen to you, what if nothing happens?!
How much do you dare risk, to push your life agenda?

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