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In 2019 we celebrate 60 years of presenting to our community a wide range of plays representing the best of British (and other) theatre.  Amongst those have been the popular, the challenging, the funny, the tragic, the extraordinary and the show-stopping – a glance at the list of plays in the bar illustrates the breadth of The Stables’ programme and ambition.
With this incredible back catalogue, there were many ways we could have told the story of the Stables in its Jubilee year . We decided that the best way to do that was to tell a story about theatre itself, choosing plays that said something about the decade in which they were written as well as being great and memorable in their own right. We could have told the story through different plays – the choices were endless and the reading list long – but we hope we have reflected the diversity of the theatre in past six decades, as well as offering a good night out. This season is not definitive – we know that another group of people at another time would have chosen six very different but equally iconic plays. However this season has attracted six new directors to the Stables and we are excited to see what they will bring to the plays that have been chosen.
Carol Hunt – Chairman, Programme Advisory Group.

‘See How They Run’ by Philip King. Directed by Jenny Wiles.

Friday 1st February – Saturday 9th February.


‘The Audience’ by Peter Morgan. Directed by Frances Viner. Assisted by Andrew Bruce.

Friday 8th March – Saturday 16th March.


‘Black Comedy’ and ‘The White Liars’ by Peter Shaffer. Directed by Leigh Shine.

Tuesday 5th April – Saturday 13th April.


‘Shadowlands’ by William Nicolson. Directed by Jenny Lloyd Lyons

Friday 3rd May – Saturday 11th May.


‘Stepping Out’ by Richard Harris. Directed by Tim Wormley Healing.

Friday 31st May – Saturday 8th June.

Auditions: Stepping Out 13th January 2019 at 2pm


American Exchange Play: ‘The Virtuous Burglar’ by Dario Fo. Director TBC.

Friday 21st June – Saturday 29th June.


‘Ben Hur’ by Patrick Barlow. Directed by David Sismore.

Friday 19th July – Saturday 27th July.


Youth Theatre Project

Wednesday 28th August – Saturday 31st August


‘The Weir’ by Conor McPherson. Directed by Andrew Bruce.

Friday 20th September – Saturday 28th September


‘Six Degrees of Separation’ by John Guare. Directed by Tim Kendrick.

Friday 18th October – Saturday 26th October.


‘Joking Apart’ by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Chris Lacey

Friday 15th November – Saturday 23rd November.


‘Treasure Island’ Adapted by Bryony Lavery from the novel by RL Stevenson. Directed by Mike Poole.

Tuesday 17th December – Sunday 29th December

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